Feel the Music – Lydia Machell

Braille for blind musicians – from printed scores to ‘Feel the Music’

Lydia Machell - Inventor


Lydia Machell is one of the founding members of YLSS. Over the past few years, she has been working on unique software that transcribes digital scores, such as Sibelius and Finale files, into Braille notation, a development which she hopes will give visually impaired musicians much greater access to embossed Braille music.  In 2010, she launched her company, Prima Vista Braille Music Services, and has since signed license agreements with a number of large music publishers, including Oxford University Press.


See the links below for further information about Lydia’s work.

Lydia Machell’s account of 21st century Braille music:  Feel the Music™, the Campaign for Braille Music

The Guardian produced an article and video in February 2011 about Lydia’s initiative.

Prima Vista Music

Lydia at Drake Music

Classical Music article

International Arts Manager article

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